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Our Story

Langwords was founded in 2015. Since its establishment, Langwords has been serving more than 500 leading companies and delivering more than 10,000 projects with success. With our principles in mind, we are dedicated to delivering the crème de la crème of localization experiences to you. Struggling to find the perfect company for your translation projects? Scratching your head all night just to search for the mot juste to tell your story? Look no further. What matters to you, matters to us too. Come have a chat!

On the Road

Below are the most breathtaking views we've enjoyed along the way.

projects delivered on-time
We take great pride in our punctuality. We never deliver even a minute later than promised.
100 Million
words translated
A remarkable milestone for us.
applications developed
A cool startup must have at least launched a few products; in our case, Converter, Davinci, and Textract.
movie marathon nights organized
Soda, popcorn and pajamas!
board games played together
Our favorite is -- Okay, we can’t agree on one, because everyone has their personal favorite.
work locations
Malaysia, Singapore, India, and Australia.

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